Development and production of innovative electronics Expice B.V.

As a renowned manufacturer of advanced innovative electronics, Expice guarantees high-quality, custom-made products. This is always the case, whether we are making a prototype or a batch of thousands of units.

We can take care of the entire process: concept development, electronic and mechanical developmentpurchasing of componentsprint production and final assembly into the complete product, including functional testing and programming.
Furthermore, Expice specialises in the fields of cabinet construction, panel construction and cable assembly.

Expice has the latest knowledge, equipment and personnel required to produce advanced, innovative electronics of the highest quality. And we can do all this with short delivery times, favourable terms and conditions and for a fair price.


                                                                    Development                 Printproduction                  Assembly



Expice bestucker 50%
Conventional production


Expice layout 50%
Expice SMD production